HiliSoft UPnP Explorer 1.5_Rel.080808

HiliSoft UPnP Explorer 1.5_Rel.080808: A Powerful UPnP tool provided by HiliSoft. SSDP/Gena/SOAP/HTTP. Vritual Device. UPnP Device simulator 6. Filtering: exclude devices by option HiliSoft UPnP Explorer is based on HiliSoft UPnP SDK that is written in ANSI C. The UPnP Stack is consist of a set of APIs for developing UPnP devices and control points. The SDK works on Windows, VxWorks and Linux. 1. Written In ANSI C 2. Supports Windows/Linux/vxWorks 3. Tiny, suitable for Embedded system 4. Complete functions and APIs HUGen, an assistant tool of UPnP SDK, privodes GUI

HiliSoft UPnP Browser 1.5_Rel.080808: A Powerful UPnP tool provided by HiliSoft. SSDP/Gena/SOAP/HTTP.
HiliSoft UPnP Browser 1.5_Rel.080808

UPnP Browser is based on HiliSoft UPnP SDK that is writen in C. The UPnP Stack is consist of a set of APIs for developing UPnP device and control points. The SDK works on Windows, VxWorks and Linux. 1. Supports Windos/Linux/vxWorks 2. Tiny, suitable for Embedded system 3. Complete functions and APIs HUGen privodes GUI and command line tools that generate framework codes based on HiliSoft UPnP SDK for UPnP device and control point from XML files.

internet, control point, device, upnp

Mezzmo The ultimate media server for streaming movies, music and photos to your devices

UPnP and DLNA devices. Mezzmo works with popular UPnP and DLNA-enabled devices, including Sony Bravia TVs, Samsung TVs, Panasonic Viera TVs, LG TVs, Toshiba TVs, Sharp Aquos TVs, Google Chromecast, PlayStation 3, Xbox One / 360, Sony Blu-ray players, Samsung Blu-ray players, LG Blu-ray players, Panasonic Blu-ray players, Oppo Blu-ray players, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, WD TV Live, Pioneer AV receivers, Android tablets and smartphones, set-top boxes

photos, google, viera, androidid, upnp, transcode, samsung, audio, tv shows, media, music, xbox, dlna

PlayOn 2.59.3343: PlayOn is a media server that navigates video from Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube.
PlayOn 2.59.3343

PlayOn is a DLNA/UPnP media server and browser that navigates content from online providers, and presents them to DLNA networked media devices. In plain English, this means you can use your game console or networked television to access content from providers like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, CBS, ESPN, and CNN.

mediaserver, nero, upnp, espn, htpc, dlna, home theater pc, playstation, media center, roku, media server, tversity, xbox 360

Robusta Port Forwarder 1.0.0: Robusta Port Forwarder is a UPNP manager
Robusta Port Forwarder 1.0.0

Robusta Port Forwarder is a utility application that eases the management of port forwarding through the UPNP protocol. This product helps you create an open port on your router, via a port forward. Open ports are used mainly for gaming, torrenting and voice-over IP (VOIP) configurations. A connection is allowed into your personal LAN from the Internet. You can add new port configurations in an easy wizard-like manner and apply these settings dir

forwarding, forwarder, port, upnp, router

Universal Plug-and-Play Tester 2.11: Lists all the UPnP devices
Universal Plug-and-Play Tester 2.11

UPnP Tester is an experimental tool that lists all the available devices compatible with the Universal Plug-and-Play protocol including Internet Gateway Devices (IGDs). As soon as the program starts, it searches for available devices then it updates the list as devices are plugged or unplugged. The status window displays miscellaneous notifications and the IP addresses as they are assigned.

universal plug and play, monitor, upnp, internet gateway device, router

MediaMonkey 4.1.5: The media manager for serious collectors. Tag, sync, & convert music & video.
MediaMonkey 4.1.5

The music and movie manager for serious collectors. It catalogs audio (CDs, M4A, OGG, WMA, FLAC, MP3, etc.), video (AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.) and looks up Album Art and data via Freedb and the web. It has a tag editor & file renamer to organize media, CD ripper & downloader to build your library. Plus, it levels volume, burns CDs, shares with UPnP/DLNA TVs, and syncs with iPhones, iPods, Android devices, etc. converting audio/video formats on the fly.

cd recorder, cd ripper, mp3 converter, sync, upnp, manage playlist, music manager, media manager, mp3 encoder, manage mp3, dlna, media player, movie manager

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